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Advertising: Adults and Their TV Ads

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Google Ad: Rediscovering Adwords

How to advertise with Google?

Advertising: Kids and Their Funny Commercials

"How to advertise" formula number one:
cuteness + wittiness = dhee paw(-u)r ov pur'swey-zhun

Presenting the "Google Art Project"

If you are an art aficionado who happens to love Google Earth or a simple basement dweller (cough.. I really mean travel aficionado) who also happens to love art, then Google Art Project is like custom-made for you.

February is Black History Month. Yay!

Black History Month is celebrated to honor the many contributions of African-Americans. It was started by historian Carter Woodson 85 years ago. In the US, African-Americans are the largest minority group in 23 states. So, here's a wall I dedicate to them especially Oprah and MJ!